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Dancer and actress Vivi-Anne Stein is best known for her role in the American reality TV program “Dance Moms.” She also performs in Candy Apples’ performance of “The Nutcracker” as a member of the cast. She first became well-known when she joined the “Abby Lee Dance Company” as a tap performer. Vivi-Anne Stein can be seen performing in her mother’s classroom, “Candy Apples Dance Center,” even though she is no longer a member of the dance company. Through her official Instagram page, where she frequently posts her videos and photos, her admirers can learn about the most recent events in her life.

Early Youth & Life

On September 11, 2004, Vivi-Anne Stein was born in Guatemala. Vivi was adopted by Cathy and Mike Stein just a few days after she was born.

Cathy, the proprietor of “Candy Apples Dance Center,” and Mike Stein, an insurance adjuster and businessman, reared Vivi in the United States. Cathy wanted Vivi to be aware of the procedure before she went through it, so she became a citizen of the United States when she was in primary school.

About a year after her daughter was born, Cathy began teaching her. After progressively becoming interested in tap dancing, Vivi joined “The Abby Lee Dance Company.”

Career of Vivi-Anne Stein

In the first season of the reality TV show “Dance Moms,” Vivi portrayed “Abby Lee Dance Company.” Later in the season, though, her mother phoned her back. She kept honing her tap dance technique after joining her mother’s dance studio.

Vivi had the chance to collaborate with the well-known American dancer Mackenzie Ziegler while she was a member of “Dance Moms.” Additionally, she grew close to Mackenzie and learned many skills from the Pennsylvanian.
After her time on “Dance Moms,” Vivi kept developing her abilities. She is currently a member of the cast of “The Nutcracker,” a performance of “Candy Apples.” She will be seen in “The Nutcracker” as Clara.

Social Media Usage of Vivi-Anne Stein

In 2015, Vivi started a Twitter account, and in 2016, she launched a YouTube page. In contrast, she stopped posting on her social media pages in 2016 and began doing so on her mother’s official Instagram profile.
Her YouTube channel presently has more than 3,400 subscribers despite only having one video. Over 150,000 people have watched her only YouTube movie, “Vivi-Anne Stein has a YouTube Channel NOW.”

She last used her Twitter account in February 2016 and has more than a thousand followers. Vivi has started posting videos and pictures on her Instagram account, which has more than 8500 followers, despite being mainly inactive on social media.

Personal & Family Affairs

Vivi spends a lot of time with her friends in addition to going to middle school. She regularly visits New York City and dances at her mother’s studio. Either she goes alone or with her dance team.

She enjoys playing the uke, a string instrument frequently mistaken for the guitar, in addition to dancing. She likes to cook and play softball in her spare time. At her mother’s dance studio, Vivi wishes to instruct dance. She wants to be a doctor if she doesn’t follow a career in dance.

Her father, Mike Stein, an insurance underwriter, and Vivi get along well. He is a businessman who runs a “Beef Jerky Shop.” One of the “Dance Moms” episodes featured his shop. Erin Stein-Rich, Vivi’s relative and a dance choreographer, is also close to her.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Vivi-Anne Stein is about $1 million.