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Wade Barnes, an American online gamer, is well-known by the alias “LordMinion777.” He has achieved an enormous reputation thanks to his amazing “Let’s Play” films that showcase a variety of “Minecraft” games. His work on the “Vox Populi” server with the extremely well-known player “Markiplier” has been quite fruitful. The “Minecraft” game series titled “Drunk Minecraft” is their most popular joint venture to date. Wade’s life was utterly altered by the series, both personally and professionally. The popularity of the series not only brought him fame and fortune but also introduced him to his soul mate. Wade is engaged to “Molly,” also known as “FoxTrot44,” a “Twitch” streamer. Wade has a YouTube account where he posts footage of “Minecraft” gaming. He is active on a variety of social media websites.

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Become a Star

Wade was a quiet youngster from the beginning. Wade never really talked about his childhood because of some unfortunate events. After graduating from college, he met “Mark Edward Fischbach,” often known online as “Markiplier,” a well-known gamer.

Wade had a strong desire to find out Mark’s aspirations for his YouTube career. Mark was working on the “Multiplayer Minecraft” server “Vox Populi” at the time. Mark was looking for someone to assist him with the module. Wade was more than glad to accept the post that was offered to him. This is how his path to becoming a well-known online player started.

After the release of the “Drunk Minecraft” game series, Wade’s online gaming career saw an increase. The primary creators of this series were Wade, Mark, and Bob “Muyskerm.” The series became a big success thanks to the original premise that drove gamers crazy. Unfortunately, Mark’s deteriorating health forced the decision to stop the series.

Wade was able to make a name for himself as an online gamer after “Drunk Minecraft.” This gave him encouragement, and he made the decision to start a “YouTube” channel to post his own gameplay videos. He gave the channel the name “LordMinion777.”

More than a million people are current subscribers to the channel, which is astounding. Wade frequently communicates with his followers on the live-streaming website Twitch. His Twitter account currently has over 800,000 followers. Wade also has a respectable number of followers on his “Minecraft”-related Tumblr account, where he posts material.

The video game series’ “Markiplier Being Dumb on Stage in Front of 1000 People with Friends at PAX East” and “Markiplier’s December Charity Livestream: Toys for Tots” was written and directed by Wade, along with his two “Minecraft” friends, Mark, and Bob.

Wade and Molly

Wade is currently engaged to Molly, also known online as “Foxtrot44,” a well-known “Instagramer” and “Twitch” streamer. While playing “Drunk Minecraft,” they came upon each other on the gaming server “Vox Populi.”

Molly used to spend a lot of time watching Mark’s gameplay when she was going through a difficult time in her life. Wade was playing while she was watching the game, and she immediately felt a connection. Later, Molly texted Wade to express her gratitude. After a formal greeting, they started conversing more frequently. They eventually began to share their personal histories, which increased their bond.

Molly had been feeling Wade slowly but she was hesitant to tell him. Wade asked internet users whether they would like to marry him while filming one of the “Drunk Minecraft” movies. Due to her timidity, Molly resisted the need to call out her own name. She yelled, “Who doesn’t want to marry you?” in its place. She had no idea that Wade would record her conversation and then receive it.

Following that awful “Drunk Minecraft” episode, Molly texted Wade and asked him to text her back. A few days later, Wade texted her unexpectedly, and they started chatting. Wade finally proposed via a video conference after the discussions had evolved into them. In 2016, they got engaged. They had a distant relationship at first, but they now both live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Wade’s Individual Life

On April 3, 1989, Wade Barnes was born in Ohio. Josh and Ashley, both from his mother, are his half-brothers and half-sisters. He has always treated them as his own and has never thought of them as his half-siblings.

Zach is Wade’s younger brother. When his father developed an alcohol addiction and began acting violently frequently, he was four years old. They were going through a difficult time, especially for his mother who was raising the children by herself and caring for her alcoholic husband at the same time. Despite this hardship, Wade had a great time growing up. On August 22, 2000, Wade’s father passed away.

Wade participated in basketball during his high school years. He attended “Cincinnati University” after finishing college in Miami. He first chose to major in “political science,” but he later changed to “philosophy.” He obtained employment at a “UDF” gas station after graduating in 2011. He spent a few months working there before quitting to pursue a career as a gamer.

Wade was previously engaged to a friend from college. They dated for a while before breaking off their engagement because of their frequent arguments.

Estimated Net Worth

Wade is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. Wade Barnes is worth $5 million, based on our analysis of data from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.