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Wallace Chung is a Hong Kong actor/musician. Seeing his family struggle financially, he dropped out of college and pursued his childhood passion of being an actor. Having made his musical debut in 1995 with the Taiwanese dance record ‘OREA’, he soon ascended to stardom. His debut project was a smash hit, earning him the moniker ‘Little Sun’. The album’s title track topped the charts in Taiwan for weeks. With the release of his second album, he returned to Hong Kong to pursue an acting career. Throughout his career, he has been in films such as ‘Night Rose,’ ‘Drug War,’ and ‘Three.’ His TV credits include ‘The Patriotic Knights’ and ‘Royal Tramp’. He also won the Asia Star Grand Award at the Seoul International Drama Awards.

Early Childhood of Wallace Chung

A middle-class Chinese business family raised Wallace Chung in Hong Kong. Despite his family’s success in business, Wallace was a dreamer who aspired to be an actor. This dream accompanied him throughout his youth and early adolescence.

He was a good student who participated in extracurricular activities like sports and plays. During this period, the desire to become an actress grew.

When he was 16, the family’s entire business system collapsed, leaving them in financial limbo. Wallace had to leave school to help his family.

He and his father started performing odd jobs to make ends meet. He admitted that he had to work as a newspaper deliveryman during his tough times, and he did so until he was 19.
But that wasn’t enough, and Wallace knew he didn’t want to be a financial burden on his family by continuing his studies.

He subsequently chose to live his childhood goal of becoming a TV celebrity. At 19, he joined TVB’s dance classes. Wallace later stated that it was his passion for dance that brought him to TVB.

His commitment and hard work took him to the final six of the TVB competition, where he was nurtured to have a successful career in entertainment. Then he began auditioning and, with good guidance, landed some substantial jobs early in his career.

A Career of Wallace Chung

The Chord to Victory, in 1993, he made his acting debut and rapidly gained recognition as a gifted actor. A few more roles followed and he also gained prominence in Taiwan.

In July 1995, Wallace published his debut album ‘OREA’, which was a surprise hit in Taiwan. Following the album’s success, Wallace began work on his second album.

Following the success of the first album, Wallace’s second album ‘By Your Side’ was released in December, making him a great celebrity in Taiwan. Wallace didn’t disappoint his Taiwanese admirers by releasing back-to-back albums while also participating in Hong Kong films and TV series.

Wallace returned to Hong Kong in 1997 to work on ‘Sweet Symphony,’ his first film since attaining fame in Taiwan. Soon he had roles in films like ‘Love Tragedy’ and ‘Fight or Die’. The former won numerous cinematic awards, and Wallace was lauded for his portrayal in it.

Wallace spent the next few years bouncing between Taiwan and Hong Kong, juggling his music and acting careers. During this period, he appeared in popular dramas including Windstorm, Sweetheart, and Forever Young. In 2005, he had enormous financial and critical hits with ‘The Patriotic Knights’ and ‘The Midnight Sun’.

Wallace created his own recording studio in 2006 and released his EP ‘Feng He Re Li’. Rose Martial World, Night Rose, and Dual for Love were among his many meaty roles that enchanted his domestic and foreign fans.

His most successful acting part was in ‘Undercover,’ a war suspense series. Even the most ardent detractors praised the series upon its release. His drama ‘Too late to say loving you’ helped him earn more international followers. Wallace’s role in the series became his most famous one.

In 2011, he starred in ‘Imminent Crisis’ as twins. The drama earned Wallace the Golden Rooster Award for Audience Favorite Actor and other accolades in Taiwan.
Due to the intimate ties between the two businesses, Wallace was shortly to appear in a collaboration endeavor.

Bounty Hunters was one of the many Chinese-Korean co-productions that exploded in 2015. For a film from China or South Korea, it was a risky bet that paid off handsomely. The picture became one of the year’s highest-grossing films, solidifying Wallace’s international fame.

In the film ‘Three’, Wallace played an adversary, for which he gained considerable critical acclaim. He got the Most Anticipated Actor Award at the prestigious Shanghai Film Festival.
Wallace has already published 12 albums and featured on numerous variety shows. ‘Xuan Zhuan Ren Ma’ is his 2006 biography.

The personality of Wallace Chung

Wallace Chung despises technology and argues that despite its necessity, he dislikes using his smartphone. In his spare time, he prefers reading to utilizing time-wasting social networking programs.
He is rumored to be married to stylist Rita Tse and to have a daughter. Wallace has kept his personal life hidden from the press and his admirers.

Estimated Net Worth

Wallace Chung is a well-known and wealthy Singer. Wallace Chung’s net worth is estimated at $3 Million by Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.