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Wanda Nara, an Argentine model, reality star, and football agent is best known as the wife of Mauro Icardi, an Argentine football player. During the summer theater season of 2005–2006, Wanda made her stage debut as a second vedette in the revue “Humor en Custodia.” She then had an appearance in Jorge Corona’s “King Corona” revue. She also took part in “Patinando por un Sueo” and “El Musical de tus Sueos.” After divorcing Argentine player Maxi López, who was Icardi’s former colleague from Sampdoria, she gained attention for her somewhat sensational and contentious marriage with Mauro Icardi. The rumored affair with Icardi caused this voluptuous beauty’s first husband, López, with whom she shares three sons, to leave her. The Icardi-Wanda union resulted in a great deal of hostility and contempt for Icardi in Argentina, including overt disgust from López. In an April 2014 Serie A game between Internazionale and Sampdoria, the latter declined to shake hands with Icardi, prompting the media to refer to the game as the “Wanda derby.” Wanda and Icardi have two daughters.

Early Childhood & Life

On December 10, 1986, Wanda Solange Nara was born into a middle-class household as the daughter of Andrés Nara and Nora Colosimo in Vicente López, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As an Argentine model and television broadcaster, her younger sister Zaira Nara is likewise linked to the glamorous and entertainment industries.
Regarding Wanda’s early years and school history, not much is known.

Career of Wanda Nara

During the summer theater season of 2005–2006, Wanda made her theatrical debut as a second vedette in the revue “Humor en Custodia.”

Later, during the summer theater season of 2006–2007, she appeared as a vedette in comedian Jorge Corona’s revue titled “King Corona.” Her time with the revue was, however, brief; due to the claimed abuse by Corona and his wife, she quit after a few months.

She played La Novicia Bernarda in one episode of the 2006 television series “Casados con hijos.”
She participated in the “Patinando por un Sueo” (Ice-Skating for a Dream) competition that was featured on Channel 13 beginning on August 9, 2007, as part of the well-liked Argentine television show “Showmatch.” Diego Robles was her co-star in this all-female cast. In the eleventh week of the competition, she was eliminated, and Ximena Capristo went on to win.

She participated in ‘Showmatch’s’ ‘El Musical de tus Sueos’ (‘The Musical of your Dreams’) competition in 2009 as well. From August 24 through December 17, 2009, Marcelo Tinelli served as the program’s host once more on “El Trece.”

Wanda was the fifth participant in “El Musical de tus Sueos” to be fired. Martn Gómez, Gabriela Peralta, Gaston Fernández, Sebastián Pavón, and Vanesa Encina Guetzel made up her team, and Verónica Garabelo served as the team’s coach.

She also participated in “Patinando 2011,” but she had to leave halfway through since she got pregnant and had to travel to Italy with her husband, Maxi Lopez.

Individual Life of Wanda Nara

On May 28, 2008, she wed Argentine professional footballer Maxi López. Valentino Gastón López, born on January 25, 2009; Constantino López, born on December 18, 2010, and Benedicto López, born on February 20, 2012, are the three kids she has with López.

Wanda and López divorced in 2013, putting an end to their union. Wanda accused López of repeating marital adultery while López maintained that Wanda was having an extramarital affair. The magistrates ultimately decided in Wanda’s favor.

Wanda brought her sons back to Buenos Aires. She started dating Argentine striker Mauro Icardi, who currently captains Internazionale and was López’s teammate at Sampdoria. Icardi was first introduced to her when she married López.

The two athletes met during an April 2014 ‘Serie A’ match between ‘Internazionale’ and ‘Sampdoria,’ during which her friendship with Icardi grew. López declined to shake hands with Icardi during the game. Later, the game was referred to as a “Wanda derby” in the media. After a few years, López repeated this behavior in a Serie A game while playing for Torino and Icardi for Internazionale.

On May 27, 2014, Wanda wed Icardi in a private ceremony in Buenos Aires. On June 7, 2014, the two later hosted a large wedding celebration. Icardi and Wanda have two children together, Francesca and Isabella, who were born on January 19 and October 27, 2015, respectively.

The marriage to Icardi resulted in a lot of animosity toward Icardi because he had to deal with the fury of many Argentineans and was frequently mentioned in tabloids there. His international football career may have even been somewhat impacted by this hostility.

After his marriage to Wanda, Argentine great Diego Maradona, who was once romantically associated with Wanda, engaged in tense Twitter discussions with Icardi.

The judge granted Wanda custody of her children from her relationship with Lopez.
On October 11, 2016, Icardi published his autobiography, “Sempre Avanti” (Always Forward), in which he discussed how he became close to Wanda while she was still married to Lopez. Additionally, he mentioned that Wanda and Lopez’s romance was almost finished at that point.

Wanda Nara’s Net Worth

Wanda is one of the wealthiest and most well-known models. According to our research, Wanda Nara is worth $5 million according to Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.