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Will Simmons is a dancer and thespian from the United States. He rose to fame in 2017 when he was cast as one of Disney’s ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mouseketeers. Simmons began his career as a dancer by posting dance routines on social media. He started his YouTube channel in 2012 and began showcasing his dancing abilities, which earned him a large number of views. He also set up accounts on several social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Will Simmons quickly became an internet celebrity, and before anyone knew it, he was collaborating with Justin Bieber, Sean Lew, and Willdabeast Adams. He also appeared in the popular YouTube series ‘Teens React,’ and he was a member of the most recent generation of Mouseketeers on ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.’

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Early Years & Work

Will Simmons was born in California, United States of America, on May 19, 2000. His childhood was shared with his sister Christina. He was introduced to fine arts as a child, including music and dance. Simmons started dancing when he was five years old, and it quickly became his passion. He quickly made his way into local dance organizations such as ‘Baneful Brew,’ ‘immaBEAST,’ ‘Soul Fresh,’ ‘GRaVy Babies,’ and ‘Miniotics.’

On May 28, 2012, he launched his YouTube account and began posting dance videos. Simmons rose to prominence as a YouTuber after some of his early videos received thousands of views and comments. He was also a featured adolescent in the popular YouTube series ‘Teens React.’

With time, he added variety to his content, such as vlogs and challenges, which helped his channel acquire more subscribers. His self-titled account now has over 15,000 subscribers and 494,000 views. His Instagram account, which has over 172,000 fans, is filled with dance videos. He is also very busy on Twitter, where he has over 19000 followers.

In 2014, Simmons appeared as a featured dancer in one of Steven Ellison’s music videos under the stage moniker ‘Flying Lotus.’ He rose to prominence as a performer in 2016, when he joined Justin Bieber on his ‘Purpose World Tour.’

In 2017, he was chosen to perform with the popular boy dance group ‘Boy Squad,’ where he shared the stage with dancers such as Kenneth San Jose, Josh Price, Gabe De Guzman, and Sean Lew. He also worked with Kenneth on a dance video that went viral on the internet.

Following that, he appeared on the sixth season of the popular American reality television series ‘Dance Moms.’ He was chosen as one of the Mouseketeers on ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ due to his rising popularity.

Will’s Private Affairs

Will Simmons is dating fellow dancer and social media star Julie Frohman. She frequently features him on her official Instagram page, and the two have posted a number of dance videos together. Julie described Simmons as her “best boyfriend ever” in an Instagram post on May 20, 2018. He is also her favorite person in the world,.

Simmons is close to his mother and sister, and he frequently posts photos of them on his social media pages. In one of his YouTube videos, he also featured his cousin. Simmons enjoys hanging out with his friends in addition to dancing and making videos.

He has a large fan base. He frequently interacts with his fans and followers and uses social media to keep them up to date on the latest developments in his personal and professional life. Will Simmons’ long-term goal is to become a Hollywood actor. He aspires to be a big name in the entertainment industry and is currently working hard to make that happen.

Estimated Net Worth

Will is one of the wealthiest and most famous dancers. Will Simmons’ net wealth is $5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.