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Updated On July 6, 2024
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Wilough is an American vocalist and rapper who is well-known for his catchy hip-hop and R&B songs. Wilough’s social media handles are “Official Wilough,” which is also the name of his debut album. All of his singles are currently available on SoundCloud and iTunes. Wilough is not only a musician but also a producer. He has produced a few of his singles and hopes to become a music producer full-time one day. Wilough has garnered an impressive fan base with only five singles published to date. He promotes his compositions on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, where he enjoys considerable popularity.

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Wilough’s Career and Music

In 2016, Wilough began his career as a vocalist and rapper. Before entering the commercial R&B and hip-hop landscape, Wilough composed gospel music with his siblings. His first album, Official Wilough, was released through his own record label. The album was produced by Kobi Toledano of the Quebec psytrance ensemble LOUD.

After the album’s release, Wilough adopted the album’s name as his online alias. The majority of his social media accounts are named after his debut album. Soon, Wilough’s song “Jungle Fever” became his first chart-topper after it was uploaded to “SoundCloud.” The single was streamed over 300 thousand times on SoundCloud. Among his other notable singles are ‘Understand,’ ‘Long Way,’ and ‘She Callin’.

Wilough is very active on social networking sites. His Twitter account frequently contains photos, entertainment news, and music-related updates. He also uploads his dance and rap videos on Twitter. His account, which was formerly named “POPstar Wilough” but has since been renamed “heartthrob Wilough,” has more than 12,000 followers. His Instagram page features numerous pictures and music videos by Wilough, which have attracted nearly 70.000 followers.

Wilough is preparing to pursue a career as a music producer. He has already produced several of his singles and hopes to produce music for other up-and-coming performers. In this manner, he hopes to provide financial support to aspiring R&B and hip-hop artists.

Wilough has shared the stage with world-renowned artists such as 21 Savage, DcYoungFly, and Young Lyric, and feels privileged to have done so. He is currently working on his upcoming album, titled “Rise.” He plans to partake in the 2019 ‘HipHop Awards’ as well.

Wilough’s Personal Life

Wilough was born in Houston, Texas, on September 12, 1996. He has never disclosed his true identity to the media. Andrew Campbell, his sibling, is a well-known fashion director and author. His sister’s name is Ana. Wilough frequently travels from Houston to Los Angeles, California.

He misses home terribly. He is fond of the hue blue. Wilough favors casual attire. He enjoys wearing caps and torn denim. Wilough favors composing his own music. He attempts to be involved in every aspect of the creation of his albums.

Estimated Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Wilough is about $1 million.