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Wyatt Nash is a well-known American actor and media personality. He was born and raised in Tennessee, USA, and planned to pursue a job in medicine before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. He rose to prominence after finishing seventh in the 22nd season of the popular American survival reality program Survivor. However, the show managed to catch the attention of the mainstream entertainment industry, and Wyatt made his television debut with a recurring part in the drama series ‘Hollywood Heights’. He followed it up with a few short films and guest appearances on programs like ‘Mistresses’ and ‘1600 Penn.’ In 2013, he appeared as Nigel Wright in the successful teen drama mystery thriller series ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ gaining major media notice. Wyatt has recently appeared in TV features such as ‘Petals on the Wind,’ ‘The Bridge,’ ‘The Bridge 2,’ and ‘Like Cats & Dogs.’

Youth and Adolescence

Wyatt Nash was born Matthew Wyatt Elrod on October 2, 1988, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA to a doctor’s family. Wyatt’s father was a doctor at a nearby hospital, and he was expected to continue in his father’s footsteps. Wyatt was the family’s youngest child, with an elder brother and sister.

Wyatt did not expect to become a performer when he was younger, and instead majored in biology and minored in chemistry in college. He began his career as a surgical technologist in a nearby hospital. He was planning to attend medical school when he developed an interest in a job in the entertainment industry and asked his parents for permission to pursue acting as a career for three years.

He was getting compliments on his looks, which inspired him to attempt modeling, and his modeling career took off when he got some early assignments without much difficulty. Soon after, Wyatt relocated to Los Angeles in search of better career prospects, and he gradually began to land roles.

Wyatt Nash’s Survivor

His first brush with celebrity came when he was cast in the 22nd season of the popular survival reality program ‘Survivor: Redemption.’ He was one of the 16 candidates who auditioned for the program. Aside from survival instincts, the show measures an individual’s mental fortitude. Wyatt did admirably at first because he was a member of the Ometepe Tribe, along with seven other players. Boston Rob Mariano, a seasoned survivor,’ was one of his tribemates.

Wyatt developed feelings for fellow alliance member Andrea, which seemed to irritate Mariano. Furthermore, he shook hands with members of the rival clan Zapatera, which irritated Mariano, so he launched a campaign to vote Wyatt out of the game. Mariano was voted out by his own alliance on the sixth day and was sent to Redemption Island, where he had to complete some difficult challenges in order to return to his tribe.

Wyatt did admirably over the next few days, defeating numerous opponents in a row. He eventually joined the Murlunio Tribe, which included members from both of the early clans. However, his honesty backfired when he told Mariano about the intentions to fire him. This resulted in Wyatt being kicked out and being sent back to Redemption Island. He won many duels there again but lost the decisive one to Andrea.

He finished seventh and was the sixth member of the committee that had to choose the winner. Despite being betrayed twice, Wyatt voted for Mariano to triumph. Wyatt became a household name in America after being fired from the program. He was subsequently approached about joining the show’s 26th season, but he declined.

Career in Performing

Wyatt did not have a tough time launching his acting career. He was seen in the family drama ‘Hollywood Heights’ in 2012, shortly after his ‘Survivor’ stint, where he played a minor recurring part as Cameron. He was also featured in the short film ‘Wages’ that same year.

He appeared in the television program ‘1600 Pen’ in 2013. The show is essentially a talk show that tackles current political and social problems in an entertaining manner. Wyatt appeared in the seventh episode of the first season, titled ‘To the Ranch,’ and played the part of Tad.

He rose to prominence after a brief but entertaining cameo on the mystery drama soap opera ‘Mistresses.’ His character was unnamed in the first season of the program. He was simply referred to as the “hot naked man.”
In 2013, he starred in the adolescent drama series ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ which was based on the same-titled book.

The series was one of the most critically and financially successful of the decade, and Wyatt’s brief appearance as ‘Nigel Wright’ in a few episodes caught the attention of a broader audience. Wyatt’s popularity grew over the next few years as a result of his small parts in the television series ‘Dr. Kane’ and ‘Rake.’

Since then, Wyatt has primarily worked in television films, appearing in films such as ‘Petals on the Wind,’ in which he portrayed one of the leading roles as Christopher Dollanganger Jr. The picture was a direct sequel to ‘Flowers in the Attic,’ which was a commercial and critical success. The film ‘Petals on the Wind,’ like its prequel, was a success, with some critics even saying it was better than the original in every aspect.

He portrayed Ryan in the Hallmark television film ‘The Bridge,’ which aired in 2015. He later reprised his role as the same figure in the sequel ‘The Bridge Part 2.’ In 2017, he was a recurring character in Netflix’s satirical comedic drama series ‘Dear White People,’ playing Kurt Fletcher. The series was widely praised for its unique presentation of the extremely complex subject matter, and Wyatt’s performance was praised even more.

Wyatt was featured in another Hallmark TV movie, ‘Cats & Dogs,’ in 2017. Aside from performing, he has appeared in a number of music videos. One of his most well-known music videos is for the tune “You Lie” by The Band Perry.
Wyatt is scheduled to appear in the second season of ‘GLOW,’ a fictionalized depiction of the women’s professional wrestling circuit. Wyatt will take on the character of Phil, a new cameraman.

Wyatt’s Private Affairs

Wyatt Nash volunteers at children’s institutions in Los Angeles in his spare time. He is currently leading a project in which he gives a camping-like experience to children in hospitals. Despite coming from a liberal-minded doctor household, Wyatt holds conservative beliefs. He is a devout Christian who has been outspoken about his beliefs, as evidenced by his experience on ‘Survivor.’

He is close to his ‘The Bridge’ co-star Katy Findlay. It was rumored that they were dating, but Wyatt later revealed that he was in a serious relationship with his long-term girlfriend, whom he refused to identify.

Estimated Net Worth

Wyatt Nash is a $2 million dollar net-worth American performer. He is best recognized for his roles in the television shows Riverdale and Survivor: Redemption Island.