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Anguk-dong, Seoul

Yang Hyun-suk is a rapper, dancer, record producer, and music executive from South Korea. Yang began his career in the early 1990s as a member of the band Seo Taiji and Boys. Yang met with the band’s founding members for a different reason than to join them on their trip, but he was so moved by the band’s approach to music that he became a member in 1992. With chart-topping singles like ‘Nan Arayo,’ the group became one of the most successful music groups in the country after starting out in South Korea. However, the group was subsequently disbanded in 1996 due to censorship regulations that caused them to confront issues. The members of the group split up, and Yang founded YG Entertainment in 1998. Since then, YG Entertainment has grown to become one of the most powerful labels in the country. Yang has been on multiple seasons of ‘K-pop Star,’ a South Korean music show that looks for new talent, as a judge on TV reality shows.

Childhood and Adolescence

Yang Hyun-suk was born on December 2, 1969, in Seoul, South Korea, and was a troubled child. Yang’s older brother appeared on television and revealed some interesting facts about him. He was passionate with baseball and would frequently play around his house, among other things. Yang has a reputation for shattering the windows of his neighbors’ homes. According to his brother, he received a lot of flack from his parents after that, but never changed his ways.

Aside from that, he was a huge music fan who would go to nearly any length to attend local performances. The American rap movement was developing on the horizon during the time Yang was growing up, and Yang became addicted to it. But, because his family was opposed, he felt despondent and turned to drugs for a while.

But, other from that, he had a colorful upbringing. But he was continually getting himself into problems, and one time he stole handcuffs from a detective and had to go to the police station to get them removed. His curious temperament developed on him, and he attempted a variety of activities with his life. He subsequently discovered that music and dance were his two favorite pastimes.

In 1991, a singer named Seo Taiji approached Yang and asked if he could teach him how to dance. Yang showed an interest in joining Seo’s musical adventure after being impressed by his musical abilities, and thus Seo Taiji & Boys was founded, and Yang’s music career began.

Career of Yang Hyun-suk

Three Korean musicians formed the ensemble Seo Taiji and Boys, but they were not interested in playing the popular music of the moment. They adopted a distinctive approach to their music, focusing on western themes. Taiji was already a well-known musician, so the ensemble began experimenting with other sounds. Their exploration resulted in a completely new sound that was an exhilarating mix of traditional South Korean music and American hip hop sounds.

The group was given the opportunity to demonstrate their talents on MBC’s talent program in April 1992, and the trio performed exceptionally well while performing their song ‘Nan Arayo.’ The judges gave the song the lowest grade, which left the group upset and questioning their decision to pursue music in this new genre. However, the song eventually made its way out and became a huge hit, forever changing the face of the South Korean music business.

Because of its catchy lyrics and chorus, the song topped numerous music charts and became a craze in South Korea. The Golden Disc Award was bestowed upon the group soon after. After the massive success of their debut album, the trio returned in 1993 with their second album, ‘Hayeoga,’ which was also a hit. This time, the band took their experimentation a step further, opting for rock-styled songs rather than keeping to the winning formula of their previous album. For their album, they got yet another Golden Disc Award. It went on to become the best-selling album in the history of South Korean music.

However, the band members were forbidden from appearing on a few television shows due to their piercings, as well as their dreadlocks and tattered jeans, which were their style statements, in an unexpected decision by the government.

Overcoming the controversy, the band returned in 1994 with their third album, ‘Kyoshil Idaeyo,’ and managed to be more original with their music and lyrics once again. The music was louder and more rock-influenced. The songs became dance anthems thanks to the infectious tunes, and the trio received their third Golden Disc Award in a row.
But this time, the debate erupted into something far more serious, and it had nothing to do with their apparel.

Some of the album’s songs, such as ‘Kyoshil Idaeyo,’ were strongly condemned by South Korean elites, who claimed that they were harshly critical of the country’s educational system. The members of the band were also accused of spreading satanic themes through their music, an accusation that the band laughed off.

Seo Taiji and Boys, on the other hand, knew they needed to tone down their substance, but they were in no mood to do so. ‘Sidae Yugam,’ their next album, tackled more controversial topics and moved into ‘Gangsta Rap’ area. This time, the lyrics were even more controversial, and the band was barred from performing in front of an audience. Despite the album’s popularity, the band members startled everyone by announcing their resignation from the music scene just as their career was reaching its pinnacle.

After the band disbanded, all of the members pursued their own careers, and Yang founded YG Entertainment. He published his debut solo album under this new self-founded label, which included a song written by Seo Taiji. Since then, YG Entertainment has grown to become one of South Korea’s largest entertainment organizations, producing successful musicians such as PSY. Yang has been a judge on the talent show ‘K-pop Star’ since 2011 and has also participated in the show ‘Mix & Match’ as himself.

Personal Experiences of Yang Hyun-suk

Yang Hyun-suk used to be recognized for his electrifying presence on and off stage, and he had a sizable fan base as a result of his rebellious image. Yang dated Lee Eun-ju, a fellow singer, for more than nine years before revealing the relationship in 2010. Lee is 12 years his junior, and the pair has two children, both born in 2010. After she fell pregnant with their first child, the couple discreetly married in a private ceremony.

Yang was quite close to his father as a child, despite their disagreements on a number of issues, and when dad died in May 2017, Yang was deeply devastated and showed his grief in an emotional message on his social media profile.

Estimated Net Worth

Yang Hyun Suk is a $150 million-plus South Korean music executive, rapper, dancer, and record producer. Yang Hyun Suk was born in January 1970 in Seoul, South Korea. He was part of the Seo Taiji and Boys group. Yang Hyun Suk later founded the record label YG Entertainment and rose to the position of CEO.