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Yang Mi is a Chinese singer and actor. She is one of the most successful Chinese superstars of recent years, and her acting prowess is greatly appreciated by her fan base. At the age of four, Yang Mi started her acting career. She was given the opportunity to star in the historical television series “Tang Ming Emperor” in 1990 by director Jialin Chen. She portrayed Xianning, a child princess, in the television series. She made an appearance in the comedy film “Wu Zhuangyuan Su Qier” that same year. She later starred in the 1992 film “King of Beggars” before making a comeback to television with the hit show “Hou Wa.” She portrayed Guo Xiang, a simple girl, in the television series “Return of the Condor Heroes” in 2004, when she was seventeen years old. When she portrayed the pivotal character in this romantic martial arts action series, which was taken from a well-known Chinese swordsmen novel, she was still a student. Her outstanding performance in the series made a lasting effect on the audience and launched her television acting career.

Early Life & Schooling

Yang was born in Beijing, China’s Xuananwu District on September 12, 1986. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom, and her father worked as a police officer.
She enrolled in the Beijing Film Academy’s Performance Institute following her graduation from the now-closed Beijing Xuanwu Experimental Primary School.

Career in Film

In the martial arts comedy “King of Beggars,” Yang portrayed the daughter of a beggar in 1992. She then portrayed Mr. Su’s daughter in the 1993 film “Heroes Calamity.” Her previous roles include Zhu Zhu in “Beijing Fairytale,” Wenxin in “Door,” and the cousin of Xiaoxia in “Singer” (1997).

After that, she starred as Shen Yilin in the 2011 Chinese horror blockbuster “Mysterious Island.” She portrayed Chen Sisi in the comedy “All’s Well, Ends Well” in 2012. In this movie, four guys embark on a valiant quest to aid four women, but they wind up having a lot of accidents along the way.

She then starred in the Chinese fantasy action movie “Painted Skin: The Resurrection” as Que’er. She starred as Tianxin in the Chinese martial arts fantasy film Wu Dang and as The Bullet Vanishes in the mystery film in 2012. In “The Bullet Vanishes,” two detectives attempt to look into an odd string of killings in which the bullet disappears right after the victim is killed.

She performed in movies such as “Tiny Times” in 2013, when she played a fashion magazine editorial assistant. She had appearances in two movies: “Saving Mother Robot” and “Tiny Times 2.”
Yang starred in multiple romantic comedies in 2014, including “The Breakup Guru” and “Snow Blossom.” She portrayed Zhao Mosheng, a student who falls in love with He Yichen, in the romantic drama “You Are My Sunshine” that same year.

She starred in the romance anthology movie “Cities in Love” in 2015. Five love stories, each situated in a different city, are included in this movie. She later received a lot of praise for her performance as a blind character in the movie “The Witness.” She starred in “Fall in Love like a Star,” another romantic drama, that same year. She portrayed the love interest of Su Xingyu, the band’s assistant and instrument tuner, in this movie, as Tian Xin.
She starred in the motion capture action fantasy adventure computer animation picture “L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties” released in 2016.

In the 2017 movie “Reset,” she portrayed the title character, Xia Tian, a single mother who works as an associate researcher and whose son is abducted; she goes back in time to save him. Her performance in “Brotherhood of Blades 2,” which centers on the investigation of an imperial guard named Shen Lian into the details of a scheme that implicated him, won her plaudits. In the movie, he gets duped by Yang’s character BeiZhai as well as Pei Lun, his coworker.

Career in Television

Yang became well-known for his portrayal of Guo Xiang in the TV show “The Return of the Condor Heroes.” When she portrayed Cheng Xiaonuo in “Beautiful Life” and Wang Zhaojun in the series of the same name, her fame reached entirely new heights. She became involved with these TV shows between 2006 and 2008.

She played in the 2009 Chinese television series “Paladin 3,” which was based on the same-titled video game. This show became incredibly successful and topped the ratings in several Chinese provinces.
Her portrayal as Mo Xueyan in Beauty’s Rival in Palace, one of the highest-rated television shows of 2010, helped her become even more well-known. As Luo Qingchuan/Hua Ying in the extremely acclaimed television series “Palace,” she gained widespread recognition. She also acted in the film “Symphony of Fate” this year, which is about two adopted sisters. She portrayed Hao Anqi, the older sibling who is falsely accused and imprisoned before emerging from prison to pursue a career as a fashion designer.

Yang’s roles in several television dramas, including “Beauty World,” “Beijing Love Story,” “Legendary of the Military Seal,” and “Palace2,” have only served to increase her notoriety. These dramas were all broadcast on television in 2011 and 2012.
In the 2016 television series “The Interpreter,” she portrayed Qiao Fei, who develops feelings for her master Jia Yang.

She is now starring in three different parts in the television series “Eternal Love,” which is based on Tang Qi Gonzi’s Xianxia novel “Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.” Her characters are Bai Qian, Si Yin, and SuSu. This fantasy drama has achieved great success on a national and worldwide scale.
She is also a cast member of the drama series “The Negotiator,” which will debut on Hunan TV towards the end of 2017. It is a spin-off of the TV show “The Interpreter,” which aired in 2016. Her other planned projects include the romantic series “Once a Youth,” in which she plays the part of XieQiao, and “Legend of Fuyao,” which is based on the novel “Empress Fuyao” by Tianxia Guiyuan.

Honors & Accomplishments

With “Palace,” Yang took home the 17th Shanghai Television Most Popular Actress award. For “Beijing Love Story,” she even took home the 26th China TV Golden Eagle Award for most popular actress.
She received the Jackie Chan Action Movie Award for Best Action Movie Actress and the Best Actress award at the 50th World Fest Houston International Film Festival for the movie “Reset.”
The drama series “Interpreter” surpassed all others in terms of ratings in 2016.

Individual Life of Yang Mi

Hawick Lau, an actor and singer from Hong Kong, is Yang Mi’s happy husband. On January 8, 2014, in Bali, Indonesia, they tied the knot. On June 1, 2014, she gave birth to a girl via cesarean section at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital. In addition to being called Noemie Lau, the infant was also called Little Sticky Rice.
Hawick Lau, an actor and singer from Hong Kong, is Yang Mi’s happy husband. On January 8, 2014, in Bali, Indonesia, they tied the knot. On June 1, 2014, she gave birth to a girl via cesarean section at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital. In addition to being called Noemie Lau, the infant was also called Little Sticky Rice.

Net worth worth of Yang Mi

Yang’s estimated net worth is about $15 million.