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Vallejo, California
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Vallejo, California

Yhung T.O., a rapper from Vallejo, California, is most known for singing lead for the Bay Area rap trio SOB x RBE, generally known as “SOB,” which also features DaBoii, Slimmy B, and Lul G. The group, which was founded as a creative brotherhood, is much bigger than the four guys who typically rap, and there are additional members who will appear in upcoming songs. Early in 2017, the trio issued their debut album, which bears their name. Rapper Sage the Gemini, with whom they went on their first-ever West Coast journey, is their mentor. On May 5, 2017, T.O., who had previously performed as a solo artist on Nef the Pharaoh’s “Spice” and Philthy Rich’s “Around,” made the debut of his own solo album, “On My Momma.” The album included his hit song of the same name as well as several more songs with Mozzy, Lil Sheik, and his bandmates DaBoii and Slimmy B. Additionally, he had an appearance in a few of Lil Sheik’s singles from the album “Stuck In These Streets.” He was a featured artist on a remix of Jermaine Dupri’s “Jazzy Hoes” alongside other SOB x RBE members. In August 2017, he released his solo EP, “Before the Fame,” and he is presently finishing the group’s second album.

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Become a Star

Beginning with a Playstation, Yhung T.O. collaborated on music with his friend DaBoii, who rapped into an iPhone while the Playstation provided the background beat. At a friend’s house where they used to gather to create music, DaBoii took him to meet Slimmy B and Lul G. The four men connected right away over music, but the group only came together after T.O. and Slimmy recorded the music video for the song “Cautious,” which also included DaBoii. Real Boi Entertainment (RBE) was created by T.O., and Slimmy was performing as “Strictly Only Brothers” (SOB). They made the decision to collaborate on songs as a group rather than as individual artists after the success of “Cautious.” Together, DaBoii and Lul G, along with T.O. and Slimmy, established the benevolent collective “SOB x RBE.”

Tracks like “Anti,” “Lane Changing,” and “Different,” anthems about the value of self-reliance and trust in a busy world, were featured on their smash debut album “SOB x RBE,” which caught the attention of major record labels. Before they formed a band, Yhung T.O. and Slimmy were each producing music for the streets and gangster scenes in the Bay Area. But suddenly, their songs are becoming viral on the internet overnight, giving them more popular than they could have ever anticipated. With his first album “On My Momma” and the follow-up EP “Before the Fame,” Yhung T.O., who has contributed his gleaming baritone voice to most of the songs by the band, has also become well-known as a solo artist.

Musical Form of Yhung T.O.

Yhung T.O. saw a lot of violence and police brutality while growing up as a young African-American man in an area where there is a lot of black-on-black crime. He claimed that because of their natural targets as children, they have once again become targets as a result of their growing notoriety, which has incited intense animosity from some residents who do not recognize their accomplishments. But he acknowledges that the experiences they had in Vallejo as children shaped their music and gave it authenticity. He also believes that rapping about conflict and violence is popular because Americans are “fascinated by the poverty, the lifestyle, by the hood.” However, they want to create their own genre of music that is focused on their little city rather than adopting the fads. The group is wary of becoming those who had success for a year or two before disappearing. They aspire to be as successful as Jay Z and 50 Cent, going beyond music to give back to the neighborhood.

Yhung T.O. uses music to communicate himself because he frequently engages in dialogue with people who are ignorant of his culture and background. Furthermore, he did not have the luxury of being soft or sensitive as a child, which is why he expresses his feelings through his music while remaining a strong and stable individual in real life. His solo album “On My Momma” is the consequence of his desire to adapt to other genres of music now that he is attracting a larger following.

Individual Life of Yhung T.O.

On December 7, 1998, Yhung T.O. was born in Vallejo, California. His future bandmates also grew up in the California Bay Area, where he was raised. Aramonii is the name of the woman he is wed to.

Yhung T.O. Net Worth

Yhung is one of the wealthiest and most well-known rappers. Our study of Yhung T.O.’s net worth from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that it is roughly $1.5 million.