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Updated On February 15, 2022
Daegu, South Korea
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Daegu, South Korea

Yoo Ah-in is a South Korean actor and model best known for her work in Korean films and television shows. He was born in Daegu, South Korea, and moved to Seoul, the heart of the Korean entertainment industry, to pursue his aspirations. After a few years of modeling, he made his on-screen debut in 2003 with the series ‘Honest Living,’ playing a tiny role. After a few more mostly insignificant appearances, his inevitable big break arrived in 2010 with ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal,’ and his career took off from there. His celebrity was soon bolstered by parts in films such as ‘Punch,’ ‘Secret Love Affair,’ and ‘The Throne.’ The historical drama series ‘Six Playing Dragons’ also contributed significantly to Yoo cementing his position as one of the most notable new generation actors of our generation. His list of accolades and nominations is also quite lengthy, as he has won a Blue Dragon Film Award and a Baeksang Arts Award, and has been nominated for a slew of other prestigious television and film awards for his performances in some of South Korea’s most successful films and television series this century.

Childhood & Adolescence

Yoo Ah-in was born in Daegu, South Korea on 6 October 1986. He was the youngest child of middle-class parents and was initially a shy child. Yoo had two elder sisters, and for a long time, he feared he did not belong in his family because he looked nothing like them. This added to his bashful demeanor.His aspirations to become an artist first surfaced during his high school years, when he developed a significant interest in painting.

He was quite popular in high school due to his charming appearance and artistic sensibility, but despite having a large number of girlfriends, he preferred to be alone most of the time. And at the age of 15, having grown dissatisfied of high school, he moved to Seoul on his own to pursue a career in show business.He completed his high school education and attended college via the GED test. Dankuk University and Konkuk University were where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in arts while also training to be a vocalist.

As an introverted person, he wrote short stories and poetry in his diary, which he believed provided him with an excellent medium for expressing suppressed emotions. Initially, he refused to publish his writings anywhere, but under persuasion from his friends, he eventually agreed to publish them in publications, where they garnered critical acclaim.He began his career as a model and performed in television ads. He began working at a young age and by the time he was an adult, he was already a well-known figure in the entertainment world, and it was only the beginning of a successful career.

Career of Yoo

After appearing in a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ episode of the series ‘Honest Living’ in 2003, he starred as himself in ‘Sharp 1’ in 2004. Following that, she appeared in one episode of ‘April Kiss’. As a teenager, he also starred in numerous commercials and gradually gained recognition.And this was the point at which he began to have real misgivings about show business and whether or not he wanted to be a celebrity. He returned to his hometown with his family and considered more choices. He had a strong bond with his mother, who advised him to follow his heart.

After almost two years of contemplation, Yoo returned to Seoul with a renewed state of mind and resolved to further explore himself through the various roles that an actor can perform.He starred in the independent film ‘Boys of Tomorrow’ in 2006, which premiered at the Busan International Film Festival. Yoo portrayed a disgruntled young guy in the film who was on the lookout for a genuine gun with which to end his life. Yoo subsequently stated of his part that he had felt that way for a lengthy period of time in his life.

The film, as well as the performances, earned tremendous appreciation, and Yoo was named Best New Actor at the Busan Film Critics Awards.He maintained his stellar performance with a role in the black comedy film ‘Skeletons in the Closet,’ in which Yoo portrayed a young guy who believes he was a king in a prior life. He also gained widespread acclaim for this play, establishing himself as an accomplished actor.He portrayed a lone assassin in the drama ‘Chil-woo the Mighty’. It was Yoo’s first historical drama, and his performance earned him a position in the film ‘Antique,’ in which he played a boxer fighting with his own inner demons.

He devoted himself to the part and learned boxing, and his efforts were rewarded with a Best New Actor nomination at the Director’s Cut Awards, launching him into the mainstream as one of the finest actors of his age.
‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ cemented his status as a household figure in South Korea, and Yoo got additional accolades for his performance, while the 2011 film ‘Punch’, in which he starred, was a commercial and critical success.Yoo debuted in the drama ‘Thread of Lies’ in 2014 and subsequently starred in the television series ‘Secret Love Affair’ as a man who falls in love with a woman much older than him.

Yoo had another successful year in 2015, appearing in two of the year’s highest earning films, ‘Veteran,’ a crime thriller/comedy, and ‘The Throne,’ a period drama. He got Blue Dragon Awards, Chunsa Film Art Awards, and Golden Cinematography Awards for his parts. He was ranked second on Forbes’ list of Korean Power Celebrities.
‘Six Flying Dragons’ was another of his endeavors, and it earned him further honors for his performances, as well as for the drama’s exquisite storytelling and effects.

His most recent feature is ‘Chicago Typewriter,’ in which he plays a dual part.Apart from cinema and television roles, he has been on numerous variety shows during his career, including ‘Sponge’, ‘Running Man’, and ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards’.

Private Life of Yoo

Yoo Ah-in is reportedly suffering from a benign bone tumor, which is believed to be the basis for his postponement of mandatory military duty. However, the tumor will have little effect on his daily life but may create minor health complications.Yoo adores cooking, and on his variety show ‘Running Man,’ he demonstrated his culinary abilities to his admirers.Yoo has previously been linked to Song Hye-kyo, while Jung Yu-mi is widely regarded as his current girlfriend, however nothing can be confirmed despite the rumour.

Net Worth of Yoo

According to several web sources, Yoo Ah-in, the most popular Korean actor and creative director, has an estimated net worth of between $5 and $10 million dollars as of 2020, however his current salary and annual income are unknown. He charges $58,700 for each episode of the drama series he produces.Yoo Ah-projected in’s net worth is expected to increase dramatically between 2020 and 2021, yet his principal source of revenue is as a professional television and film actor and director in South Korea’s entertainment industry.