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Suncheon, South Korea
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Suncheon, South Korea

Yoon Shi-yoon is a well-known actor and television personality from South Korea. He is also involved in the music industry in addition to acting. He has appeared in a variety of music videos and songs, including ‘High Kick Through the Roof,’ ‘Hit The Top,’ and others. He has appeared in a number of television and variety shows, both in the main role and as a guest star. He has also presented several television shows. Despite the fact that he has been in a few films, he is best recognized for his work on television. He has received numerous honors, including the Korean Culture and Entertainment Award, the Baeksang Award, the MBC Entertainment Award, and many others. He has also finished his military service, which was required of him. His most well-known roles include ‘Flower Boys Next Door’ and ‘King of Baking, Kim Takgu.’

Childhood and Adolescence

Yoon Shi-Yoon was born in Suncheon, South Jeolla Province, South Korea, on September 26, 1986. Yoon Dong Gu was his given name, and Yoon was his surname.

In his early years, he was reared by his grandparents. He was the family’s only kid. He never attended a kindergarten or learned English as a child. Instead, he attended Serdang, a traditional school where Confucianism and Chinese characters are taught.

When he started college, he formally changed his name at the suggestion of his agency.
His odd upbringing was revealed in his song ‘Grandpa’s Bicycle’ from the album ‘Barefooted Friends.’

The Career of Yoon

Yoon made his television debut in the sitcom ‘High Kick Through The Roof,’ where he played Jun Hyuk, a semi-rebellious adolescent.

Following his debut series, he appeared as the protagonist character in ‘King Of Baking, Kim Tagku,’ a slice-of-life TV series. After seeing Yoon’s initial performance in ‘High Kick Through The Roof,’ the writer chose him for the play.

Yoon first appeared on the big screen in the 2010 film ‘Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp.’ He starred in the romantic comedy-drama TV series ‘Me Too! Flower’ in 2011, which was ultimately canceled due to low viewership figures.

‘Brand Guardians,’ a Japanese web drama, featured him. The Japanese Apparel Fashion Industry Council organized the event, which was centered on fashion (JAFIC). It was based on the true experience of a young Korean man who went to Japan to study fashion styling.

It was organized by JAFIC in order to raise awareness of Japanese fashion. He made his acting debut in his first Chinese drama, ‘Happy Noodles,’ in the same year.

He starred in the 2013 film ‘Flower Boys Next Door,’ in which he played a brilliant game developer who chances to cross paths with a modern-day Rapunzel.

He was then cast as a member of ‘Barefooted Friends,’ a variety show.
Later in his career, he starred in the romantic drama series “Prime Minister and I.”

He made his second film, ‘Mr. Perfect,’ in 2014, in which he played a professional golfer who loses everything but subsequently becomes a golf coach.

In 2016, he landed the role of Hur Jun, the famed Joseon doctor, in the historical fantasy drama ‘Mirror of the Witch.’

He later joined the regular cast of ‘2 Days & 1 Night,’ a variety show. In October 2016, he starred in ‘Romance Full of Life,’ a three-episode miniseries that was part of the ‘Three Color Fantasy,’ a nine-episode miniseries.

He starred in the teen drama ‘Hit The Top’ in 2017. He’s also appeared in ‘Once Upon A Time In Saengchori,’ ‘High Kick: Revenge Of The Short Legged,’ ‘Ms. Temper And Nam Jung Gi,’ and ‘Queen of The Ring,’ among other series and shows.

Yoon’s Major Projects

On April 28, 2014, he covertly enlisted in the Republic of Korea Marine Corps. He did it in secret since he had earlier stated that he wanted to avoid harming other soldiers.
In the Fanfare of the Little Band, he was a narrator.

In 2013, he hosted the KBS Songs Festival.
‘The Road To Me,’ ‘Only You,’ ‘I Want to Date You,’ ‘Grandpa’s Bicycle,’ and more songs have been recorded by him.

Achievements & Awards

In his debut TV sitcom, ‘High Kick Through The Roof,’ he and Shin Se Kyung received the MBC Award for Best Couple.

Kim Tagku’s final episode of King Of Baking achieved a viewership rating of above 50%. Yoon and his co-star Lee Young Ah were chosen promotional ambassadors for the North Chungcheong province after the TV series wrapped.

In 2012, he was awarded the Popular Star Prize by CETV in China at the Asia Top 10 Popular Star Awards.
Flower Boys Next Door was Japan’s best-selling cable program.

Yoon received the Popularity Award for an Actor at the 18th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards, the Male Grand Prize (Daesang) for Drama at the 11th Korean Entertainment Culture Awards, the KBS Drama Awards for Best Couple with Lee Young Ah, and the Excellence Award for an Actor in a Special Production Drama for King Of Baking, Kim Tagku in 2010.

In 2016, he received a Rookie Award in a Variety Show at the KBS Entertainment Awards for 2 Days and 1 Night.

Yoon’s Personal Experiences

From April 28, 2014, to January 27, 2016, he served in the military.
Reading is Yoon’s favorite pastime. He is so devoted to reading and collecting books that he has over 2000 in his private library.

He talked about the pressure of his supporters’ expectations from him in a recent interview. According to him, it is rare to find such a nice job after playing the amazing character of Kim Takgu, and this adds to the strain when he does other performances.

“Kim Takgu was like an awesome hat that I got to wear,” he says. When I pulled the hat off, it made such an impression on people that they can’t see me without it.”

In addition to the foregoing, he stated, “My first endeavor received a rating of over 30%, and Kim Takgu received a rating of over 50%. Instead of liking it, I was afraid of it.

Rather than trying to live up to the expectations, I wanted to hide. My coworkers, on the other hand, kept trying new things and eventually overcame their fears and forged their own paths. I wanted to cry when I joined the army since I didn’t follow their example.”

Estimated Net worth

Yoon Shi-Yoon is one of the wealthiest TV actors and one of the most popular. Yoon Shi-net Yoon’s worth is estimated to be $15 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.


In 2016, he made two appearances on Lee GukJoo’s Young Street on networks such as SBS Power FM and Special DJ.