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Round Rock, Texas

The way people interact with one another has been transformed by social media. People can now webcast themselves live so they can engage with others in real-time thanks to recent advancements in social media. YouNow is one platform that has increased the popularity of real-time webcasting? It enables performers to perform live and politicians to address diverse crowds at once who are separated by distance. This special platform has been used by several musicians to increase their popularity. Zach Clayton is one such performer whose popularity has increased on YouNow. His interest in social media began when he was a young child, and most of his family members, including his mother and father, are also active on these platforms. He was initially drawn to microblogging platforms like Instagram and Twitter. But he later shifted to social networks with video capabilities. He started sharing his comedic videos on Facebook, Vine, and other social media sites. These channels immediately gained followers, which improved his reputation.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

His use of YouNow as his primary social media platform significantly contributed to his rise to fame. He initially utilized YouNow to connect with his pals and find additional like-minded individuals. As soon as he realized its potential, he began directly webcasting all of his videos online. Zach Clayton launched his own website called BruhitsZach in the summer of 2014.

He frequently sees patterns on his channel. His broadcasts are very diverse and feature challenges with his viewers, jokes, practical jokes on his friends and viewers, and even food demonstrations. His family members also frequently feature on his channel.

Zach Clayton’s channel occasionally has serious discussions about friendship and other types of relationships. ZeBruhNation is a community that his engaged YouNow users have created. His success on YouNow also helped him gain more followers on Twitter and other social media platforms. He currently has 600k Twitter followers.

His YouNow platform became extremely well-known because of the daily streams of original material. In total, 1.3 million fans were routinely connecting to the channel as of November 2016. In terms of broadcasting viewing strength, BruhitsZach is currently one of the top 3 YouNow channels.

He formed the group 5quad with other YouNow celebrities including RudanC, Nick Bean, Timmy Connors, and Edwin Burgos in order to increase his fame on the platform. Zach Clayton has already begun extending his online presence on websites like YouTube. He worked together with six other YouTube artists to create the “Our Journey” YouTube group, which distributes the artists’ recorded performances.

Why Zach Clayton Is So Unique?

The way Zach Clayton makes jokes about current events sets him apart from the other YouNow broadcasters. In contrast to other Internet comedians, he makes an effort to be realistic by making observations on real-world problems.

Zach’s Past Fame

Zach Clayton is a believer in using his fame to advance social concerns. He frequently opposes racism and bullying in his social media videos. Additionally, he takes part in numerous activities held by nonprofit groups to raise awareness against racism.

Behind The Scenes

Zach Clayton was raised by a loving and devoted family. His parents supported him because the majority of his relatives wanted to become social media stars. In actuality, every member of his family is a YouNow broadcaster who consistently broadcasts engaging content.

He aspired to play professional soccer before he became a social media star. He once participated in a number of neighborhood soccer club teams. But as a result of his rising fame on social media, he had to give up the sport he loved because he had so little time for practice. He nevertheless continues to play the game with his buddies in his free time.

Estimated Net Worth

The total net worth of Zack Clayton is $4 million. His prosperous life has been made possible by his fruitful career as a professional wrestler.


Prior to becoming a social media sensation, he desired to play professional soccer.