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Social media star Zachary Smith is most known for his humor, storytime, reaction, and challenge videos that he uploads to his own YouTube channel. He has more than a million followers on Instagram, a platform for sharing photos and videos, so he is also well-liked there. His supporters frequently refer to him as “Zach.” He is adored for his sense of humor and his entertaining style of speaking. His most well-known YouTube video series is called “If I was in.” Zachary shared a few humorous films on his channel, and a few of them were later included in the well-known American television program “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

Social Media Achievement

Since he was a little boy, Zachary has desired fame. He desired to fulfill his desire to be surrounded by his followers. Zachary was well-liked by his pals in his school years since he always had a joke to tell. Even the most mundane of stories may be made to sound intriguing and humorous by him.

When Zachary told one of his friends that he wanted to be famous, the friend suggested that Zachary upload movies online. His friend was certain that a large audience would be reached if his stories were placed online. The concept appealed to Zachary since it seemed reasonable and easy. He started uploading videos to his own YouTube channel after creating it. A humorous video that was recorded at a bowling alley was his debut post. Later, the video was shown in an episode of the popular TV show “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

Before publishing videos of several different genres, he first posted a number of amusing videos. After that, he published a video in which he responded to a few spooky videos that had been popular online. Zach talked about his ghostly encounter in his first story time video. In a different storytime video, he discussed how a group of girls made him feel uneasy. At first, he believed the women were his stalkers, but later discovered they were his admirers.

Zachary has discussed his experiences with stalking in a few of his story time videos. Additionally, he published a video in which he listed a few YouTubers that he despises. Zachary mentioned a few fashion vloggers in the video and proceeded to make fun of them. Additionally, Zachary has shared a few films about makeup.

Zachary also shared a video on his sexual preference. He discusses how people reacted to him being gay in the video. If I was in is the name of one of Zachary’s most well-liked video series on YouTube. He acts out his own interpretation of popular teen television shows and movies in the video series by imagining himself as the characters. These videos are based on popular television programs and films like “Hannah Montana,” “It,” “Mean Girls,” etc.

His admirers have frequently asked him to post cooking videos. He had shared a handful of them on his “zachwtflmao” Instagram account. His admirers requested more as those videos gained popularity. Zachary produced a few cooking videos on his YouTube page, pleased to please his fans.

Whatever he posts, his videos always turn out to be funny, which actually works to his advantage. No of the subject matter, Zachary’s unique style of explanation can make every video into a laugh riot. Zachary frequently teams up with Anastasia Bruzzi, a friend and fellow YouTuber.

Individual Life of Zachary Smith

Florida welcomed Zachary Smith into the world on February 28, 2002. He grew raised with his sister and attended Florida’s high school till he graduated. Regarding his parents, Zachary hasn’t really talked much.

Mittens is a cat that Zachary has. Zachary was making a vlog when Mittens decided to relieve itself on him, and he uploaded a video of it.

Estimated net worth

According to Idolwiki, Zachary’s estimated net worth is $5 million. His YouTube channel is the primary source of his income.