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Detroit, Michigan
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Detroit, Michigan

An American performer, Zayion McCall, and fellow rapper and dancer Zay Hilfiger comprise the hip-hop duo. “Juju on That Beat,” the unsigned duo’s debut track, was initially published on Zayion’s YouTube channel on July 8, 2016, as a track from his album “Why So Serious?” The routine featured in the music video for the song had gone viral on social media and contributed to the video’s more than 364 million YouTube views. In 2017, the song received the ‘Kids Choice Award’ for ‘Favorite Music Video’ and peaked at No.5 on the ‘US Billboard Hot 100’ chart. The duo made guest appearances on television programs such as ‘Live with Kelly’ and ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ in the wake of the track’s success. Before collaborating with Zay Hilfiger, Zayion, who started his rap career at the age of 15, released his debut mixtape ‘Cold War’ in April 2016.

Achieve Stardom About Zayion

During her childhood, Zayion McCall frequently sang along to Nickelodeon children’s programs and cartoons. Thereafter, at his aunt’s residence, he viewed the music video for ‘Run It!’ by Chris Brown and became an instantaneous admirer of the songstress. Following Brown in all aspects, he developed a strong desire to emulate his singing and dancing style. His desire to pursue a career as a vocalist, however, was dashed when his voice changed during adolescence. Nevertheless, his passion for music sparked an interest in rhyming.

During his middle school and high school years, he encountered considerable challenges in rhyming even four words, which left him disheartened and unable to engage in rap battles. During this time period, he encountered humorous videos uploaded by YouTuber Bugatti Beez that featured improvisational rap as well. Upon viewing those videos, he was inspired to compose brief rap verses and attempt freestyling. After experiencing several setbacks, he enlisted the assistance of his sister to film him rapping to Wale’s “Ambition” in the vehicle before he uploaded the video to Facebook.

Within a couple of hours, the video amassed more than 10,000 views and attracted the interest of his producer father, who contacted him the following day while he was at school to discuss the video. His father had arranged for him to record his debut single, “Party All Nite,” later that day. For a novice, the song’s music video garnered more than 15,000 views on YouTube in a single day, which was quite an accomplishment. With the release of his debut mixtape, ‘Cold War’ on April 23, 2016, he amassed an impressive 2 million streams and widespread acclaim. The subsequent years witnessed a significant evolution in his lyrical sensibility and song structure, both of which contributed to his rise to prominence in the music industry.

A partnership involving Zay Hilfiger

In the summer of 2016, performer and rapper Zay Hilfiger, who was also from Detroit, Michigan, encountered Zayion McCall. Zay was approached by his father, Timothy McCall. Together, they developed a passion for hip-hop music. Following this, Zay expressed interest in having you record music at his residence. Although Zayion was initially apprehensive about the freestyle rendition of “Knuck If You Buck” by Crime Mob, “Juju on That Beat,” it ultimately succeeded due to Zay’s electrifying energy and his lyrical prowess. In August 2016, they uploaded the music video for the song to YouTube.

After members of the dancing group ‘Fresh the Clowns began imitating the dance moves developed by Zay Hilfiger and sharing them on social media platforms, the video amassed thousands of views despite initial setbacks. Subsequent to its official distribution by Atlantic Records later that year, the song peaked at number five on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’. Having begun at a mere 2:02 minutes, the composition has since descended to rank among the shortest to appear on the list in the last four decades. By February 2017, the song had amassed 150 million views on its music video and was nominated for a ‘Kids’ Choice Award’ in the category of ‘Favorite Music Video’.

Individual Life About Zayion

Zayion McCall, né James McCall, was born in Detroit, Michigan on July 16, 1999, to Timothy McCall and Lakisha Inman. His father is a film producer in the area. He is the eldest of seven children born to his parents. He frequently spent his childhood alternating between his parents’ home and his aunt’s, where he also learned to sing and dance by viewing children’s programming on television. Nevertheless, he struggled in high school as a result of personal issues and social difficulties. The significant impact on his academic performance necessitated his attendance at summer school during the ninth grade. Notwithstanding his adolescence, he is the parent of a son named Za’Khary McCall.

Estimated Net Worth

Zayion is among the wealthiest American rappers. Based on our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Zayion McCall has an estimated net worth of $5 million.