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Gymnast Zoe is a part of the popular YouTube series “Seven Gymnastics Girls,” which features champions in the sport of gymnastics. Gymnast at the state level, Zoe achieved level 4 qualification in 2014. Additionally, she has a YouTube account where she publishes films on her personal and professional lives. In almost all of her videos, Zoe makes sure to include her friends, brother, and pets. She initially made her YouTube debut by uploading recordings of her gymnastics lessons to the channel “Seven Gymnastics Girls.” Later, she repeatedly displayed her gymnastics prowess in recordings that inundated the channel. Zoe enjoys experimenting with her clothing and accessories. She wants to grow up and work as a fashion designer.

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Gymnastics of Zoe

At age three, Zoe began gymnastics training. She began competing at the state level after years of practice. She also participated in a variety of championships at the municipal and state levels and won some of them.

She initially felt most at ease competing in the floor and vault events. But over time, she widened her repertoire and started to become proficient in new maneuvers like flips, beams, and bars. When Zoe attained level 3, she was an expert at performing aerials and tucks. Even though she is very skilled at leaps, she rarely uses them since she finds them uninteresting.

The largest obstacle she faced was mastering her full turn on the beam, which she found very challenging to learn. But because it was her ticket to go to the next level, it was crucial for her to learn the method. She finally mastered the skill after numerous arduous training sessions.

Zoe enjoys videotaping her practice sessions. She started out on YouTube by uploading clips of her practice sessions to the account she set up in December 2013. She then joined “Seven Gymnastics Girls” as soon as she was accepted into the fourth level.

‘Seven Gymnastics Girls’ is a subchannel of ‘Seven Awesome Kids’ that features gymnastics-related material. Zoe has demonstrated some of the incredible abilities she has developed over the years. The channel occasionally creates various gymnastics-related challenges. These competitions, which have included the well-known “Would You Rather Gymnastics Challenge,” have included Zoe.

She also took part in a task known as the “Stick-it Challenge.” Making a complete flip over the beam and a nice landing was difficult. She joined the “Seven Gymnastics Girls,” Since then, her playlist has had over 600 million views.

She once uploaded a video of her brother learning some fundamental gymnastics moves from her. Zoe has only shared five videos thus far, all of which are about gymnastics and her personal life. She shared a video of her, Caitlin, and another gymnast responding to queries from their admirers.

Individual Life of Zoe

In the US, Zoe was born on January 15, 2004. She has a basketball-playing older brother. Zoe’s first name was Scarlet, and she went by that moniker for a while. She also goes by many nicknames that her mother and friends have given her. While her friends refer to her by a variety of names, including Zozo, Zozie, and Zobug, her mother refers to her as Zee.

Typically, Zoe works out in the gym four days a week. She looks up to notable gymnasts like Christine Meloni, Svetlana Khorkina, and David Durante. Shawn Johnson is, however, the gymnast she favors most. Zoe enjoys watching YouTube videos than watching television, and her favorite YouTubers are Bethany Mota and Rachel Levin. Zoe enjoys watching movies, and Zach Efron is her favorite actor.

Zoe has a serious hair obsession and enjoys showing off her long, dark locks. She has an enormous assortment of lip balms and never leaves the house without one. Zoe is a fashion enthusiast who wants to work as a fashion designer. She also enjoys baking and frequently mentions that she might pursue a career as a cake designer. Peaches and Sha, are two adorable canines she owns. Zoe despises bees and is terrified of them. She once skipped a biology lesson because the instructor was discussing beekeeping.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Zoe is about $1 million.