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American social media star Zoe LaVerne. She is well-known for being a Musical.ly (now TikTok) celebrity. On “TikTok,” Zoe performs tongue syncs and uploads comedic videos. Zoe is now a verified and crowned “muser” with more than 250 million “TikTok” “hearts” and a “top style guru” badge. She has worked with a few well-known “musers.” On “Instagram,” where she has a sizable fan base, Zoe is just as busy and successful. She also co-owns a YouTube account with her boyfriend and has a self-titled YouTube channel of her own. Zoe sells her product line in different online stores.

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Fame on social media

In 2016, Zoe started her social media job. She wasn’t exactly positive about what to post at first. Later, though, she began to generate concepts. She started with her love of music. On “TikTok,” she started posting lip-sync performances of her beloved songs. Her posts attracted a lot of attention. In a humorous film she once shared, Zoe made fun of her belly-dancing abilities. She soon began working with other “musers,” which increased her popularity on “TikTok.” Zoe once switched identities with fellow “muser” Terin Sottile for a day. This prank helped Zoe gain a lot of popularity on social media. She also communicates with her followers by posting vlogs on ‘TikTok. Within a year of using TikTok, Zoe had amassed over 250 million “hearts,” become a certified “muser,” and been awarded the title of “top style guru” for her flawless sense of style and makeup.

Zoe enjoys getting ready and using cosmetics. To post relevant material, she established a “YouTube” channel with the same name. However, there is only one movie on the channel. Despite this, Zoe’s popularity on “TikTok” allowed the channel to gain over 69 thousand followers. She co-manages a second “YouTube” account called “Cody & Zoe” with her boyfriend. The majority of the movies on the channel are about their personal lives. In one of their “Q&A” videos, Danielle Cohn and her partner, a well-known “TikTok” celebrity, joined Zoe and her boyfriend. More than 270 thousand people subscribe to the site. Zoe is just as busy on “Instagram,” where her many different looks have drawn in over 300,000 followers. She runs a clothing business, and customers can purchase her goods on websites like “teespring.com” and “bonfire.com.”

Individual Life of Zoe LaVerne

To Debbie Pemberton and Dough Wright, Zoe LaVerne was born on June 3, 2001, in Indiana, United States. Zoe has mixed ancestry. Cameron is her stepbrother and Eric is her brother. When Zoe and her family relocated to Franklin, she was 8 years old. She went to “Franklin Community High School” there, where she first became interested in music as a young kid.

Cody Orlove, a well-known “Instagrammer,” and Zoe are presently dating. She was stalking an acquaintance online when she stumbled across Cody’s social media account. She took to him right away. She was astounded by his sizable follower base on “TikTok” (previously known as Musical.ly).

They soon began exchanging phone numbers and followed each other on “TikTok.” Over talks, they grew to be friends and made plans to meet. Soon after their first encounter, they started courting. Cody thinks it’s adorable how silly Zoe can be. They are adored by their followers and go by the moniker “Zody.” Zoe once dated fellow “muser” Zephan Clark.

Zoe Laverne’s Net Worth

Zoe Laverne has a net worth of $1 million. She is an American singer and social media star. She is best recognized for her TikTok following.