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American social media sensation Zoie Burgher is well-known for her Twitch broadcasts. However, as a result of her openly sexual content, which violated the community’s terms and conditions, she has now been permanently banned from the Twitch community. After she began twerking while concurrently broadcasting a live “Call of Duty” game and revealing her body a little too much, Zoie gained attention. Her racy videos, which frequently got her into trouble, helped her develop a sizable fan base. Zoie, a self-described “star bikini twerk-streamer,” calls her fan base “Zoidberg Nation.” She created the digital reality series Luxe House and is the owner of the Luxe girl gaming label. This controversial social media star has a sizable fan base on Instagram and Twitter, and her YouTube channel with the same name has over a million subscribers.

Fame on social media

In 2013, Zoie started using social media. She started broadcasting on Twitch, where she quickly rose to fame. She once twerked while broadcasting “Call of Duty” gaming vids and wore incredibly skimpy attire. She continued to broadcast such offensive information even after receiving numerous warnings from the Twitch community.

She did, however, succeed in amassing a sizable fan base there, making fun of herself on the live-streaming video application. Many of her detractors called her cheap and rude. She had a reputation for being able to trade her body for cash and fame.

It appeared that Zoie was undeterred by the hateful remarks because she referred to herself in a variety of ways, such as “Twerking Booby Streamer.” Following a few brief suspensions on Twitch, Zoie is currently permanently barred from the community. Her Twitch account has been shut off.

She resorted to other social media sites to continue her contentious journey after being banned from Twitch. She uploaded a few of her controversial Twitch broadcasts that earned her a ban from the community to her self-titled YouTube channel.

Even with all of her fame, Zoie still boasts of having amassed over a million subscribers to her channel in a few months. She has amassed more than 260 thousand followers on Instagram, all thanks to her photos of herself wearing scanty attire. Her Twitter account now has more than 600,000 followers.

Luxe Gaming Initiative

Zoie has always aspired to be a prosperous media CEO. She established “Luxe Gaming” in order to realize her aspirations. It began with a project called “Luxe House,” which was it’s first. In essence, this is a digital reality show where a bunch of young women shares a house in an unidentified area and vlog about their daily life.

You may watch every episode on YouTube. Luxe featured real-time audience reaction, in contrast to other reality series where the competitors are totally blocked off from the outside world.

In a video where they updated their followers about the web series, Zoie and her companion Abigale Mandler announced it. Additionally, they both used the same web names, Luxe Zoie and Luxe Abigale. Luxe’s male crew was overseen by Zoie’s boyfriend, who also functioned as the company’s chief financial officer.

Zoie’s Individual Life

On November 29, 1995, in the United States, Zoie Burgher was born. She and her siblings were raised in Florida. Zoie was an avid sports fan and a dancer with a lot of passion when she was younger. She used to take part in social gatherings and sporting events. She was a cheerleader for her school’s sports team.

For her major in “International and Public Relations,” Zoie had enrolled in “Florida State University,” but she later left. She also spent a very brief amount of time at “Arizona State University.” Due to widespread bullying, she struggled during her first two semesters at “Florida State University.”

At the moment, Zoie lives in Escondido, an affluent neighborhood in the northern portion of San Diego County.

Zoie is particularly interested in picking up new languages. She argues that one can only comprehend another person’s cognitive process by being aware of their religion, culture, and language. Spanish and English are both second languages for Zoie. While she was living in Arizona, she picked up some Polish. Zoie is an ardent traveler, and Auckland, New Zealand, is her preferred vacation spot.

Zoie and D’Angelo Taylor are romantically involved. He operates cranes in San Diego for a living. He is the only parent of two boys. He and Zoie met while out having fun in a club.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known Twitch stars is Zoie. According to our research, Zoie Burgher has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.